Evcc Bridge (unofficial) - HACS Integration to control you local evcc instance

After I have provided some other integrations in the past, I just have finished the initial release of an evcc integration. Please note, that this is a private project - I do not have any connection to the authors of the evcc evcc - Sonne tanken :sunny::oncoming_automobile:.

I am fully aware that there exist a evcc ha addon - but I was looking for a more direct integration (by using the evcc API).


  • A running & configured evcc instance in your network

Key Features

  • Supporting almost all evcc API-POST & DELETE requests to adjust the evcc settings, loadpoints and the corresponding vehicles
    • Loadpoint mode [Off, Solar, Min+Solar, Fast]
    • Phases to use [Auto, 1p, 3p]
    • Assign vehicles to loadpoints
    • Configure min & max charging currents
    • Configure cost limits (€ or COβ‚‚)
    • Adjust home-battery settings
    • Adjust/create Vehicle & Loadpoint charging plan via HA-Services
  • Supporting most of the other loadpoint and vehicle data that is available via the API - please let me know, if you miss some data - probably it just slipped through my attention during testing.

Known Issues

  • This is a custom HACS Integration, so you have to add the repository manually to your HACS before you can install it
  • No Integration Icon (yet) - need to create a PR for the brand’s repository

Your feedback is highly appreciated - TIA


Hi, New to all things EVCC. I’m a bit confused. If I use the EVCC add-on for HA, can I use your HACS integration to control it?