Eve Aqua - max time / detect leakage


since last year, i use an Eve Aqua and it works great.
Only two things i am struggling/thinking about:

  1. can i set the max on value only via HomeKit or also change it from within HA?

  2. is it possible to detect the water flow with Eve Aqua within HA? I have added some small sprinklers for the plants and one or two times per year, s.th. brake and the water is flushing. Would have the idea to detect this and stop and send alarm on this.

Thanks for your answers and ides in advance!
/ Ralf

Hi Ralf,

Did you ever figure out a solution to your two questions? I have similar needs, and hope to solve it through HA rather than through Homekit directly.


Unfortunately idid not find a solution.
As a small simple workaround i have an automation that stops water after defined time both for automation wagering and manual switch on. So it limits water loss a bit.
But its not really a solution