Eve Door Window sensor first time success, second time failed

I have an Eve door/window sensor (Thread/Matter) added to Apple Home.

The first time I set up Matter and added the device, it went very smooth and it worked well.

I then had to factory reset the device so I removed it from Apple Home and Home Assistant. The removal from Home Assistant was not smooth and it didn’t really leave Matter integration in a not de clean state; failed to load.

I was able to delete and reinstall the Matter integration so it looked “clean” again.

I then factory reset the Eve sensor and successfully added it back to Apple Home.

Next I tried to add it back to Home Assistant:

  1. Add Matter Device
  2. Yes, it is already in use
  3. Apple Home
  4. Enter setup code (from Apple Home)

I tried this multiple times and it keeps failing to add the device.



I restored a prior full backup without the Matter integration installed.

When installing the Matter integration, I am getting an error that the Matter Server add-on cannot start and the Matter integration does not show :frowning:

P.S. I am now running 2024.5.3 on a RPi4.


I was able to get the Matter integration working by doing a reboot instead of a restart.

Unfortunately, I am still unable to get the device added. :frowning: