Eve energy strip

Has anyone be able to pair an Eve Energy Strip (Eve Energy Strip Smarte Steckdosenleiste | evehome.com) with Home Assistant? After removing it from HomeKit, is shows up under discovered Devices, but the setup takes forever and results in an Error.


This device doens’t seems to be compatible with HA.

For example the Eve Energy outlet is compatible (it states on the website Matter compatible).

This seems to be a HomeKit device, not a Matter device. I assume it shows up with the HomeKit logo? It might work with the HomeKit Device integration, but given it errors, I guess there is a problem during setup. HomeKit devices are first setup through Bluetooth, make sure you have a Bluetooth Proxy nearby. If it continuous to not work, you’d have to check logs and provide more information on what error you get exactly.

Yes, it is a HomeKit Device and communicates via IP over Wi-Fi. I have a Bluetooth Proxy up and running, but it does not seem to do anything. I’ve tried to connect it by adding it to HomeKit first and then removing it again (HomeKit Device - Home Assistant).