Eve motion set motion sensitivity

I have an eve motion 2 on my ha thanks to a skyconnect.
I don’t have an iPhone or another thread border router.
I would like to adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor. it is outside and triggers too often with the wind.
how to lower sensitivity in home assistant?

I saw with eve app we can do it, can we set it with an iphone without homekit?

For the moment I added scotch on the motion sensor light don’t start with the wind

It is difficult to understand your problem, from the messages you have posted.

How is your Eve sensor connected to HA – are you using Zigbee Home Automation (ZHA)? Zigbee2MQTT (Z2M)? Or something else?

It is often the case that a manufacturer’s proprietary app (possibly with the the aid of a required manufacturer hub device) allows you to set parameters that are not configurable via other methods like ZHA or Z2M. Whether that’s the case or not here depends on the type of sensor you have and how it’s connected to Home Assistant.

My Eve motion is connected with thread protocol by skyconnect key on raspeberry 4

I have four of the same sensors.

The settings can only (so far) be adjusted in the Eve App, which itself appears to sync with Apple Home. Devices exposed to Apple Home appear in the Eve app, with Eve devices being configurable.

I had a quick attempt in creating a new OTBR on a HA Green with a SkyConnect. I added an Eve sensor but had no way of accessing the device in the Eve app.

Adding the device directly in the Eve App added the sensor to my existing Apple thread network, couldn’t see any option to select network when onboarding or afterwards, and you cannot select a network from the ‘Thread Network’. This was the same whether is was already onboarded to the HA OTBR network or not.

I was unable to onboard via the Eve app when I isolated the HA OTBR and my phone on a seperate VLAN. This was probably because it was still attempting to add via the Apple Home iCloud Keychain credentials ?? Not sure.

I am unsure what the result would be should you attempt to add the device with the Eve app without an Apple network already present. It might discover the HA Thread Network if your phone is connected to the same local network as the HA OBTR. Or it may give you access via BT?

Have you tried the Eve app to see what it can discover? I also looks like the Eve app is only for iPhone/iPad. Eve page.

No solution in there, but at least rules out some troubleshooting routes.

Ok I haven’t apple home pod or tv 4k. So I as I understand I can t have specific parameter from eve app with an Iphone if not apple border router.

I hate apple they always :lock: there device or network.
When I buy eve motion I saw matter and I was thinking all will be ok. But it s a joke.
I suppose I can t update further firmwares.
I m disappointed too buy skyconnect ans eve motion for home assistant.
For the moment eve motion is ok but every two days max my eve motion is unavailable. Lux are ok after device is available. But motion stay frozen. I

if I ping via parameter/device/matter eve motion/ping it’s ok. if I re-interrogate and move at the same time the value remains frozen on detected. the only way to resolve and remove the batteries from the eve motion. reboot and re-query several times. how to analyze solve this problem. eve motion is out but brightness updates correctly after being unavailable.