Eve Weather connects but unavailable after a period of time

I’ve got the Eve Weather connected via the Homekit Controller via thread however after a unspecified period of time the sensors become unavailable and unable to reconnect without going through the process of resetting the device, adding to homekit, removing from homekit and then using the homekit controller.

Anyone out there have any luck getting this to work on a permanent basis?

I just installed it through the Homekit controller and thread Status is disabled. I’ll let you know if it goes unavailable or something after a while.

How did you connect the Eve weather to HA? could you share a brief guide?
thanks :slight_smile:

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Homekit controller integration

Any luck? @MrHollow presuming with thread disabled you’re just using bluetooth?

Honestly it’s unclear to me what kind of connection it’s using. I used the Homekit Controller integration which i believe can use different types of connections from ip or bluetooth. In this case it might use bluetooth.

I’ve also enabled thread on the device so not sure what it is using right now

Is it staying connected over a period of time though?

Seems to have failed once after about 2 weeks, not sure why though if it was my fault or not. After that it didn’t connect anymore so i had to reconfigure it from scratch yesterday.

@JediBrown i figured out the issue with the disconnections. I had a lot of disconnections and i couldn’t figure out why, it turns out the device was also present in HOMEKIT on my iphone and it was fighting with Home Assistant for control over the device. I’ve made sure the EVE device is no longer present in the iphone homekit and it worked perfectly after that.

Give it a try