Event log management

Hi, I wanted to know if there are any add-ons or something similar to manage who does what or rather the register menu item where it reports the events that users perform. When I open it it brings back all the items and I would like to see only what interests me.
you can help me ?
Thank you

If you are talking about the logbook ( Open your Home Assistant instance and show your logbook panel. ) you can select an entity to show here:

The History panel has the same option. Open your Home Assistant instance and show your history panel.

yes, but instead of selecting the entity it is not possible to put only those that interest me and hide the others?

Yes it is.

Use the include: and/or exclude: option(s):

ok, I thought there was a graphical alternative and not write all entities etc.

No, sorry. No such GUI exists. There is a feature request for it that you can vote for: