EVENT_STATE_CHANGED parsing in integration


I’m writing an integration in which I’m trying to parse a state change from a motion detector.

The state comes in from zigbee in beautiful JSON like this:

Which I could parse easily like this:

state = json.loads(json_state)

Unfortunately something happens on the way and when the state reaches my EVENT_STATE_CHANGED event handler it looks like this:

<state sensor.0x00158d0002fd567c_battery=100; illuminance=4, linkquality=42, occupancy=True, battery=100, voltage=3005, unit_of_measurement=%, friendly_name=0x00158d0002fd567c_battery, device_class=battery @ 2019-09-24T23:43:28.253193-04:00>

It seems to resemble HTML to some degree?
How can I parse it so I can access the values in the state elegantly?

I couldn’t find anything in the documentation (which is partly broken by the way, ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS):

Thank you for your support!

Hello Marco.

The resulting thing you have is not an HTML it seems to be a Python dictionary. So in essence your JSON just parsed. You can access any of the fields in such an object. It is looking like this because that is the way python interpreter implicitly converts dictionaries to strings. If you absolutely need the JSON you can convert it back by doing json.dumps().