Event_types as triggers

I’ve been trying to use the events in the service window as triggers for my automations, specifically all the homeassistant.xxx and hassio.xxx events

I tried to call them by:

  - event_type: homeassistant.check_config
    platform: event

I can’t get it to work… any suggestions?

Those are services and not events that can be used for triggers.

This describes the events built in to the platform, though there will be others.

@arsaboo Then how comes that i can use:

  - event_type: homeassistant.restart
    platform: event

that works fine, so does: event_type: homeassistant.start

according to this picture i should be able to listen for the hassio events aswell:

I am guessing homeassistant.restart is using the same homeassistant.start trigger. As @Tinkerer indicated there are only few events that you can use as triggers and they are defined here. Also, you should use

    platform: homeassistant
    event: start

then how do i trigger an automation whenever a specific service is called?

Again, those are services and not triggers. You can only use the triggers that are available in HA. Triggering an automation on service call does not make lot of sense to me.

the sense it makes is that i want to get a notification every time an error occurs and every time someone reloads the configuration.