Event warning

Not sure if this is possible already at the moment or not.
My commute at the moment I drive past a stadium for a local football team and when there’s an evening game the traffic is hell around it. At the moment I have BBC sports tell me when they have a game. But was wondering if there was a way of implementing it in to my home assistant so in the morning I get the tts to add a warning “… Have a home game tonight”. Sure this would be useful to have also for people who want to know if there’s a game to night they want to watch.

That sounds pretty specific. But if you can find an API (or consistently scrape-able HTML), you can automate that with a RESTful sensor or a scrape sensor.

Cheers will have a look at those. Yeah is a bit specific and a web scrape should be able to do this

Another idea is to see if they publish a calendar you can subscribe to using the Google Calendar component.