Event when home assistant is done loading?


Is there an event that’s emitted when home assistant is done loading?

With the “lazy loading” appdaemon starts before home assistant is done loading and because of that some services are unknown to appdaemon.

I’d like to catch that event and use it when to restart appdaemon.


  platform: homeassistant
  event: start

No idea how you pass that to appdaemon.

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Thanks! I thought that would trigger on the first start, not when the services are done loading. Good to know, thanks!

My plan is just to run a shell_command and restart the docker container appdaemon runs in.

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If you have Z-Wave running (I think it applies to OZW as well), you could use one of those event triggers as well:

- platform: event
  event_type: zwave.network_ready
- platform: event
  event_type: zwave.network_complete
- platform: event
  event_type: zwave.network_complete_some_dead

On my system, Z-Wave is usually the last thing to load, so I typically use the zwave.network_complete to trigger other things like announcements that HA has restarted. I use homeassistant_start as an announcement event that HA is in pre-flight checks mode. :slight_smile:

I don’t have z wave, yet :wink:

Do you mean by ore flight check that the services aren’t loaded already?

Yup, on my instance, Z-Wave always loads last even after the homeassistant_start event has fired. So, I have an automation that traps on homeassistant_start first and notifies that HA in is pre-flight mode. Then, once Z-Wave has loaded, I start homekit and a couple of custom python apps I have running and then do a final announcement that HA is up.

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