Events State Node - Can somebody explain the options: List, Substring or Regex. I have unexpected results

Hi there,

i have a weird issue.
I believe that this has worked in the past, but recently i have a weird problem when using one of those subsets in the Events State Node.

So I do have 2 remote entities.

  1. remote.livingroom
  2. remote.bedroom

With the event state node, i want to check if both of them are off.
So, when I add the “exact” method and check both individually then #1 is off while #2 is on.
When I use the “list” function and add both remotes, i always get “off”.
Same when im doing regex or substring.

Can somebody please explain to me the difference in the outcome?
Maybe im not using this function for what its supposed to be used.

In that case i might just create a group for the remotes to easy my automation.

I would use a trigger node for this since it allows conditional statements.