Events stop firing once an update is available

I noticed that my Arlo events (implemented in Node-RED automations in my case) stop firing once a new version of Home Assistant is available for update. Everything works fine again after updating and restarting. Any advice/links how to solve this? Thanks alot, Theo

What is the state of the Arlo integration when it stops working? This sounds related to that. Are the events available in HA when this happens?

Thx for the reply, will check next time it happens. It’s seems standard behaviour i noticed. As soon as there is an update for the Home Assistant core components, events are no longer generated. Which imho is very strange…it actually means that if your are away you cannot rely on Home Assistant actually working because whenever there is an update ready to be installed - events are not longer generated - and no alarms will go off. … just to be clear … this happens when an update is available but not yet installed.