Ever Since Update, my home screen keeps looking like this


Since the update, whenever I log in to HA, I see this. Only way this goes away is if I go into other tabs (not visible in the screenshot) and back into it several times. Anyone know if this is a known bug or how I can fix it permanently?

Every time I log in, I see my front end all smooshed together. I switch between tabs a couple times and it will look normal again. Been happening every time I log back into HA. Is this a bug or is something up with my configuration?


Please don’t double post…

Do you have custom cards ?

The cards I have are default/included, no 3rd party cards. Most of them are vertical cards, and some horizontal within vertical cards.

Suggest you to check with a simple page and then register an issue.

I’m unclear on what you mean.

“register an issue” = register an issue on Github

Also, force a hard refresh in your browser with CTRL-R or CTRL-F5. It could be a browser caching issue.