Everspring AN157


I bought a AN157 2nd hand from ebay and I am trying to add it to HA via OZWCP but it isn’t working. I have added it as both secure and none secure methods and both times it adds it but it shows up as status - Dead. In the config within OSWCP is has nothing and in information is has “switch all - disabled”

I’ve tried pressing the button on the switch, etc and still the same. It does show in HA but as switch.__switch_8_0

all the other zwave devices just worked… Any ideas please?

I got it to work and was showing when switched on and off… now it will only show as DEAD, unless I unplug, then plug back in, then save then DEAD again. Kind of lost as to what to do now. Any ideas please?


ok tried again from scratch and plugged it in closer to the RPi/zwave usb stick and it works a treat, even when moved back to the other room… odd as it was only 10m away in the 1st place.