Everspring Z-Wave Temperature & Humidity Sensor ST814-2

anyone used this with Home Assistant and have it working? Thinking about buying one. I have the Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5, Z-Wave Plus

I’ve got one. But unable to get it working.

No temperature/humidity updates by the sensor are sent.

Has anyone a working one?

Currently installed: HASS.io 0.82.3 with RAZBERRY Board.

Everspring was recognized by my HASS.io and is available. But not configurable as the sensor cannot be waked up --> SET WAKEUP doesn’t work to wake up the sensor to do some configuration.

I’ve have one and been unable to get to “auto report” to work. There was an interesting discussion here ==> https://forum.z-wave.me/viewtopic.php?t=19172 Check you Z-Wave log – it may be auto-reporting, but the info does not make it back into HA … I’m off to check my Z-Wave logs …