Every log takes 10 to 20 seconds to show?


Since a few versions (I don’t know if it was Home Assistant Operating System, Home Assistant Core or Home Assistant Supervisor) it takes 10-20 seconds before a log is shown.
It is regardless which log it is. The logs at Supervisor/System are taking long and also the logs of the Addons are taking long to display.

I am running a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB with a M.2 SSD as startup/work drive.

Try backup / restore to a fresh install on Raspberry Pi OS instead of HASSOS. I can’t believe how much more stable and performant it is on an SSD. Don’t know what’s up with HASSOS but they don’t appear to be able to fix it. Seems like its been getting steadly worse since 5.4.

But that means I have to update also Raspberry Pi OS. But can I use everything I had before (Addons etc.)?
No, I like Home Assistant Operating System.

if you do a backup / restore, you don’t have to reinstall anything. Addons will all be there when you log back in. its still a supervised installation using docker containers. But yes, you’d want to log in to the host and update the OS once in a while.

FYI, if you use Debian instead of Raspberry OS (even though its effectively the same thing) its a fully supported installation and will say so in the UI.

If you like HASSOS, i guess you like the performance issues you’re having.