Every theme displaying with a white background after 0.116

When I upgraded to 0.116 all my themes started displaying with a white background. I figured it was something that everyone must be seeing so left it alone. Now with 0.116.2 nothing has changed so I am starting to think maybe it’s just me (that and I can’t seem to find any posts related to this issue).

Any ideas why everything has a white background (every theme I apply has a white background)?

Since I can’t delete this post (for some reason) I thought I would answer my own question. It seems that after .116 having the user theme set to “backend-selected” no longer applies the theme set in the specific page “Entry View Configuration” setting. I also had a bunch of issues related to compact header going away but that’s another story. Any way problem resolved.

also hitting this problem but did not solve yet. still have compact header installed - how did you solve it?

Click on the user profile and re-select the theme from there.

Also, seems that you have to do this for every browser you use–so setting is stored by browser.

I used kiosk-mode to replace ch. Just put the “kiosk-mode.js” in your www folder and add it to your Lovelace Dashboards/Resources (under configuration). Then just change your url to have a ?kiosk at then end and it’s just like using compact header. And yes like @naustin says you have to set your theme on each user profile. It took some doing but my dashboard raspberry pi’s are back to ‘normal’ again.

@walker1477 Thank you. I was forced to get kiosk mode working on HA 117.1 with my Fire7 tablet as the custom header was totally deprecated now.

Also go the theme fixed after and per user theme working based on @naustin’s guidance. I guess themes are not really totally controlled from the HA server side