Everything Presence One Power supply and GPIO

I’m considering setting up EP1 sensors in all rooms of the house to track occupancy powered by a DIN rail power supply, something like (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32797861526.html).

Would this power supply be suitable? The USB C cable doesn’t seem ideal for a fixed integration.

Also, I also noticed these kits have gpio pins. Could I use those for linking up a magnetic reed sensor? The positioning of the EP1s are likely to be most effective in the corners of rooms above the doors so it should be quite straightforward to add reed sensors like these (Amazon.co.uk)

Would there be any benefit to adding these or am I overthinking it?

They are suitable. Almost whatever 5v psu is, you need less than 1Amp. I honestly think that old samsung phone charger is more reliable than some jingping psu.
Gpios ok for expansion. If it is just for occupancy sensing, reed switches are exaggeration for me.

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Thanks. I was thinking for neatness rather than having a wall plug for each. I’ll probably end up with around 14 of the sensors so wiring them back to a “node zero” with a single power supply.

On the reed sensors, you’re probably right that they’re overkill in the doors. A previous system I had that used them was great though as you could track occupancy counts in rooms. motion either side of doors would “pull” users out of rooms. If the door was closed however it knew that was impossible. I suppose with the use of mmWave however this can be done more in realtime with multiple target tracking.

Yep, I meant that since you dont need 10A supply, you could also look for some alternatives, maybe from more reliable sources.

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