Evnotify - How to get sensor data via Rest

I just bought an electric car and did install evnotify via Raspberry to access my data from anywhere.
Now there is only one last thing I really would love - get my data into Homeassistant!
So, long story short, did any of you get evnotify to send data to homeassistant?
Or do you have any hints for me - unfortunately not very skilled in programming things :frowning:

I can get data using: https://app.evnotify.de/soc?akey=12345&token=123456789
But I dont know how to get these 3 values as sensors into my frontend.
Can I just use restful here?

in configuration.yaml, i have this line.

rest: !include rest.yaml

and then in rest.yaml, i have these lines:

- resource: "https://app.evnotify.de/soc?akey=12345&token=123456789"
    - name: "evNotify charge status"
      value_template: '{{ value_json.soc_display }}'
      unit_of_measurement: "%"
        - "soc_bms"
        - "last_soc"

But I only need to update the state whenever the charger-state of my home-charger changes (connects/disconnect/starts_charging etc).
No need to stress the server by asking for the SOC every 15 seconds.

I Also pull the battery state of my laptop, and I only get a response whenever the laptops is awake at home, and I end up with “entity not availible”


Thanks, any chance to get other EVNOTIFY data such as voltage or current?

Yes, replace “soc” with “extended” in the url. There’s also “location”.

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I know this is a bit old thread but how do you guys actually integrate this? I bought ODB-II scan tool that I plug into my car, and it communicates via bluetooth with my Android phone that has Evnotify app installed. It all works well, except when I walk 3 meters away from my car, as bluetooth range cuts off there.

Should I buy a ESP32 with bluetooth chip and install it near my car somewhere? I do have working wifi where I keep my car, also zigbee network covers that place, in case that helps somehow. Anyway, my goal was to get that Evnotify info into Home Assistant, which works only when I walk outside next to my car and refresh Evnotify app…

The way I went about mine was to do the following in my Renault Zoe EV.

I used an old android phone that was rooted and has a cheap data sim (contributes to my family data plan.
On that phone I installed Home Assistant Companion App, EV Notify and Tasker. Tasker works better on a rooted phone because it allows some extra system options like app kill and phone reboot.
I added a $5 hard wired 12v to USB port to the car so that the phone could be hidden away and kept charged.
I added a $10 Tuya USB micro switch and added to my Tuya account, in addition to EVNotify, this allows me with home assistant to monitor the car’s phone to keep the battery between 70 and 80 percent by cycling the USB power (to keep the battery from kept at full charge), and obtain the car’s location in Home assistant (so also works as a vehicle tracker).
This way EV notify is kept in physical range of the bluetooth OBD and has a connection to the internet.

I use tasker to reboot the phone every few days to keep it fresh, tasker also makes sure the phone hotspot is turned on at each boot so that the tuya micro switch has a wifi connection available so that it can also connect to the internet and my home assistant instance. I also kill and restart EVNotify with Tasker every 5 minutes because the Zoe CANBUS sleeps if not charging 6 minutes after the last door is closed. EVNotify seems to not want to reconnect sometimes after this happens, so I just refresh the app on a 5 minute cycle.

It’s a it long winded, but very reliable.

My configuration.yaml example, the ZOE doesn’t support many attributes

  - platform: rest
    resource: "https://app.evnotify.de/soc?akey=123456&token=123456789"
    name: evnotify_zoe_battery_level
    device_class: battery
    unit_of_measurement: "%"
    value_template: '{{ value_json.soc_display }}'
    scan_interval: 30
      - "soc_display"
      - "last_soc"

I do a similar thing on my Kona EV as well, and the yaml code there is

  - platform: rest
    resource: "https://app.evnotify.de/extended?akey=123456&token=123456789"
    name: evnotify_kona_extended
    value_template: '{{ value_json.kona_ext_display }}'
    scan_interval: 30
      - "soh"
      - "charging"
      - "rapid_charge_port"
      - "normal_charge_port"
      - "slow_charge_port"
      - "aux_battery_voltage"
      - "dc_battery_voltage"
      - "dc_battery_current"
      - "dc_battery_power"
      - "cumulative_energy_charged"
      - "cumulative_energy_discharged"
      - "battery_min_temperature"
      - "battery_max_temperature"
      - "battery_inlet_temperature"
      - "external_temperature"
      - "odo"
      - "last_extended"
  - platform: rest
    resource: "https://app.evnotify.de/location?akey=akey=123456&token=123456789"
    name: evnotify_kona_location
    value_template: '{{ value_json.kona_location_display }}'
    scan_interval: 30
      - "lattitude"
      - "longitude"
      - "gps_speed"
      - "accuracy"
      - "location_timestamp"
      - "last_location"

  - platform: rest
    resource: "https://app.evnotify.de/soc?akey=123456&token=123456789"
    name: evnotify_kona_soc
    value_template: '{{ value_json.kona_soc_display }}'
    scan_interval: 30
      - "soc_display"
      - "soc_bms"
      - "last_soc"

Thanks for writing out your setup. So you wired another USB port that takes power straight from car’s 12V battery, if I understood right. How does your 12V battery cope with EVnotify, phone charging and all, I know Hyundai Electric has had some problems with 12V battery discharging (at least for other people) and that’s one of the things I want to monitor with EVNotify: 12V SOC.


As per many Kona EV owners I had trouble with my lead acid 12v just outside of the first year of ownership, and this replacement was before I added any of these items, however, when I had the battery replaced under warranty, I set it aside for other uses and installed a LiFePO4 12v unit, which has been running now for nearly 3 years without issue. The new 12v battery has never shown signs of being depleted, but other than that, this is a difficult question to answer because I don’t have a baseline reference.

As for the wiring, yes I ran a fused 12v line through to the boot area (under floor), where there is a 500w sine wave inverter and my USB port.

I think that If I was to purposely leave the car sitting around for a few weeks, I’d just press the button on the 12v which turns it off, or set a 30 minute EVSE daily timer for HA to charge at 6A which would keep the 12v topped off and only add a few percent to the HV battery over that few weeks.

Feel free to keep asking questions :slight_smile:

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Do you also have problems with your Evnotify-sensors going to unavailble/unkown state?
Some weeks ago this problem started and sometimes even while driving/ charging the restful-sensors data go to unkown. Is there something like a “keep alive” signal? Or maybe I just the only one with this problem!