Evohome - does it not work anymore?


I just installed HASS to use with evohome. evohome (eu) is listed on the website as a component, with no known problems being marked.

evohome doesn’t appear in the list of Integrations.

Does it still work? There are a few threads on here noting problems with it, and no replies as far as I can see.

Not all integrations can be set up through Configuration > Integrations. Most need to be configured manually in configuration.yaml (the docs for each integration explain what to do).

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And yes, it still works, just integrated my Evohome a couple days ago using the page given in the previous comment and got it working without a problem. Keep in mind you will need to restart Home Assistant after you made the configuration changes, otherwise it won’t load your climate zones from Honeywell

Thanks for your help, that’s great.

I’ve got it working now.

And this has led to another question. I can see that the standard widgets produce images like this:

But I have some questions about the details of this image.

First, I was under the impression that the Honeywell API only reported temperatures in 0.5 degree increments, yet the this graph and the widgets themselves show temperatures to the nearest 0.1 degree.

Second, it looks like the green area in this graph represents when the heating and/or radiator in question is on and giving out heat.

But again, I thought there was no way to get this information from the Honeywell API without installing the HGI80 USB device that allows one to sniff all the wireless signals.

Many thanks for all your help on this,

The integration use two APIs - the older one (less functional) provides higher-resolution temperatures.
Although this is displayed to 0.1 in the UI, it is stored to 0.01 in the device state attributes, and you can graph this with a custom sensor!.

If the older API fails, then the system continues with the lower resolution temps (which are also rounded to the setpoint).

The green bit is supposed to be when the zone is calling for heat, but whether the boiler is actually heating & pushing HW through the CH system is another matter.

In truth, it is a bit of a guess, and I may well just take it out.

The HGI80 integration is in development:

Great, thank you.

I think that extra info is really useful; it’d be a shame to take it out.

Is there any way to see the code which generates this graph? Does it use chart.js?

I’m interested in adding external temperature to it, as I’m trying to get an idea of how quickly my rooms lose heat given differing outside temps.

If you’re talking about the (usually green) shaded area, here is the code used to work it out:

    def hvac_action(self) -> Optional[str]:
        """Return the current running hvac operation if supported."""
        if self._evo_tcs.systemModeStatus["mode"] == EVO_HEATOFF:
            return CURRENT_HVAC_OFF
        if self.target_temperature <= self.min_temp:
            return CURRENT_HVAC_OFF
        if not self._evo_device.temperatureStatus["isAvailable"]:
            return None
        if self.target_temperature <= self.current_temperature:
            return CURRENT_HVAC_IDLE
        return CURRENT_HVAC_HEAT

Which is not accurate (unlike what I had said before), see:

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Yes, and dunno: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant-polymer

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The post above is wrong (I have edited it now) - see instead:

Does anyone know if there are plans to expose Honeywell radiator valve battery levels via the Evohome integration? That would be so useful.

Please don’t resurrect old threads!

As you imply: there is no provision for battery levels in the official RESTful API used by evohome, but there are error messages in the device state attributes for (inter alia) flat batteries.

For actual battery levels (and other features), you’ll need to use something like this:

My apologies for resurrecting an old thread. I did not realise this is not the done thing.

Thanks for taking the time to give a helpful reply, and I shall read up on the work you have done and have a little play with it. I had to go look up what ‘inter alia’ means so my education has improved a little today too :slight_smile: