Evohome (EU) Permanent Override gone?

Hi everyone,

I hope someone is able to help me out with this.

I have a Honeywell Evohome (EU) system, and it is integrated with HA.

I have automations to set one zone to a permanent override, unless a certain someone is detected at home. This means the target temperature of that zone is set to X and the normal schedule for that room gets ignored.
Up until a few weeks ago, this worked fine. Now it does not. The automations haven’t changed.

The new and unwanted behaviour is that the override is active until the next setpoint (a point in the schedule where a new temperature is set) which then causes the zone to follow schedule, rather than staying at the override temperature.

Setting the permanent override from the Evohome controller works fine, but I have HA for a reason.

The documentation is contradicting:
The integration page says:
This service call will set the setpoint of a zone, as identified by its entity_id, for a specified period of time (TemporaryOverride). However, if no period of time is provided (c.f. a duration of 0, below), then the change is permanent (PermanentOverride).

And this is what I use. The automations have no override duration, which according to the quote above means permanent. And they worked like that until recently.

However the ‘Actions’ part on the automations editor (I don’t use yaml or node red) says this:
The zone will revert to its schedule after this time. If 0 the change is until the next scheduled setpoint.

This durations part has a tickbox which is left unticked, and no duration is filled out. This has not changed, and until recently this worked as a permanent override.
This also completely contradicts the documentation quoted earlier.

Where previously the override worked according to the documentation, now it seems to work as the ‘Actions’ section.

So: how do I now set a permanent override? Is that option completely gone?

Thank you in advance.

So if the behaviour is different than the documentation, open an issue with Evohome…

Thank you for your reply.

All the documentation I mentioned is from HA sources, not from Evohome, so how am I to know which one is correct or wrong, or how would Evohome help with that?

My answer was not clear, sorry… open an issue with Evohome integration in HA Core…

Thank you, I will do that.

@Nabs Was there any follow up on this?