Evohome/Google home experiences

I’m using Google Home and I also have Evohome thermostate.
I added (long time ago, before I had HA) the evohome to the google home app, so I can change temperature of my thermostate with Google assistant. The last few days (weeks), Google home has problems with connection with Evohome (Honerywell total connect comfort intl).
I also installed the integration of evohome in Home assistant. So, I can change temperature in Home assistant too. This is not exposed to google home (yet).
Today, I experienced again a connection problem between google home and evohome.
For fun, I opened home assistant app, and changed the temperature there, with no problem…
Strange… as I thought, the problem would be at Honeywell…
Are there people who didn’t integrate their evohome into Google home, but, in stead of that, integrated their evohome into Home assistant, and exposed it to Google home? Does it work fine? Pros .? Cons???