eWeLink add-ons Broken

I have attempted to uninstall my eWeLink Smart Home add-on

I did the following steps:

  1. Selected Add-on
  2. stopped services
  3. uninstalled

Checked integrations

  1. disabled integration
  2. deleted integration

Checked Add-ons repository and found that eWeLink add-ons repository was still associated and will not allow deletion

Checked Add-ons and eWeLink add-ons / eWeLink Smartk Home items shown

  1. when selected a black screen with “Error fetching addon info: Addon is not installed” GO BACK is displayed

I have attempted to search for the addon again to re-install, it only gives me the icon that takes me to the error message again.

I can’t find where to delete the item to alow the add-on repo to be removed to do a clean installation for the Addon / Integration.

I realize I’m replying to an old thread, but I wanted to document it for any others that might be having this issue (or an issue trying to remove another addon).

I made a backup of HA (I’m running it in VMware, so I backed up the entire VM).

I already had SSH installed, so I didn’t need to following these steps (Debugging the Home Assistant Operating System | Home Assistant Developer….

I SSHed to HA, and did:

  1. ha ad help
  • this resulted in a big listing of all the addons. The eWeLink was the last one in the last for me (YMMV).
  1. look for the “slug” line:
    slug: f4f71350_ewelink_smart_home_slug
  2. ha ad uninstall f4f71350_ewelink_smart_home_slug
  3. I restarted HA

It worked, as eWeLink was gone.