Ewelink fail to call service switch/turn.on. Service not found

Hi, i am a newbie of Home Assistant. after i integrate the eWeLink add-ons, it works fine in its own software which i located it at the side bar. However, all the switches and lights that have been added in the dashboard fail to work. It will appear message “Failed to call service switch/turn.on. Service not found” or “Failed to call service switch/turn.off. Service not found” every time i toggle the ON/OFF switch. I did not do any coding, i just a add card to the dashboard.

Anyone of you experience the this problem?

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Is the eWeLink add-on started?

From the add-on page :


Is it possible to run this add-on in parallel with AlexxIT’s SonoffLAN integration? I’d love to try, but I’m afraid I’ll break SonoffLAN. I would like to compare the differences, advantages and disadvantages.

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It works. Thanks…

But i am facing another problem now after adding the coding. Some of the switch turn on immediately after i turn it off. Seems like having inching set for 1 second, but i didn’t do anything about the inching setting. I have to use Ewelink app to turn if off now. And the status is not sync with the actual light status which means the status of the light in Home Assistant still showing ON, but the status of the light in Ewelink is showing OFF.
Base on this coding attached, do u see any problem?

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This configuration line adds a weird and broken Switch to the Lovelace. It looks ugly and does nothing.