Ewelink stopped working

Hi all 2 days ago i lost my ewelinks system and it keeps saying bad gateway and wont boot up ive tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling also tried restoring it to a previous version and it keeps failing anyone else having this problem or got any advice please see screenshots

What is this on? Cell Phone App? Does it see the WiFi network? Does it have the correct IP address?

Yes correct network correct IP, home assistant and all my other intergration and add ons are working fine just Ewelinks my main devices are unlisted and wont start, i tried toggling start on boot up and restarting network didnt work and tried rebooting then starting didnt work bit of a loss

Guess we need to know what version HA is on, what version of eWeLink. Have you tried to do a full shutdown (power off), then power up? (Settings > System > Power Buttom (top right of UI)), That would clear the eWeLink Smart Home Slug that has failed to start.

Up to date on ewelinks and updating the HA system again

Are you blocking things from getting out of your network?

No i can access hive and thats external to networks so it can ping out just finished updating to latest HA core and still not working any ideas

cast out
Any chance you’ve been cast out of heaven or out of the cloud at least by ewelink?

What is the eWeLink showing, also the config? Remember to hide User/PW info if you post those.

Just rebooted system and it keep saying bad gateway just tried restoring it to a year agos version didnt work and just tried reinstalling the update

I want to see the log and config from inside of eWeLink, it is at the bottom of the screen you been attaching.

Well i dont know how but i put it back to original in backup log for ewelinks now fully working not gonna update it now

My ewelink device has also just stopped working today.
I cannot see any cause. The device is an Ewl7-32V which I purchased and installed about a year ago. The device has disappeared from the Devices list. It is a component with 4 relays I used to control the pumps on my swimming pool. The device has 4 manual buttons which still work OK but it seems the device is not visible to HA.
My dashboard now shows:

I have tried rebooting HA (HA Green) and applying all new updates.
I think I will abandon ewelink and get something more compatible with HA.
I was very proud of my work with the ewelink device as it was my first foray into HA. It worked well for a year and good to start my learning journey

My work around was to restore a old versions from my backups folder and turn auto updates off this fixed it for last 3 weeks atleast. I went back to orignal one and it all worked from 3 years ago didnt loose a single device of 30.


I’ve had that happen a couple of times. You will need to going and look at the entities because they have changed, most likely the name for each. Delete and rebuild the panel in the desktop

Thanks Jack. I tried a restore but did not fix the issue.

Thanks lordwizard.
My entities for this device are no longer displayed.
I do get a log file that I cannot decode. Here is some of it…

2024-06-08T03:19:00.191Z [INFO] Start init lib-ha...
2024-06-08T03:19:00.220Z [ERROR] WebSocket2Ha error: Error: Unexpected server response: 502
2024-06-08T03:19:00.222Z [INFO] WebSocket2Ha will close
SL : file: index.ts : line 119 : getDomainByCountryCode : useTestEev false
SL : file: index.ts : line 102 : setDomainByCountryCode : domain https://us-apia.coolkit.cc
2024-06-08T03:19:02.448Z [INFO] Init websocket to CK...
WS: 长连接发送消息 1717816745362:  {
  action: 'register',
  userAgent: 'device',
  apikey: '999d9c60-c043-443c-9b60-fc0c48b79b2f',
  deviceid: 'abf4000b19',
  d_seq: '1717816742451'
WS: 长连接接收消息:  {"error":0,"deviceid":"abf4000b19","apikey":"2d3bb22d-71ee-442b-8dec-399b2db02328","config":{"hb":1,"hbInterval":145},"d_seq":1717816742451,"datapoints":[]}
WS: 长连接发送消息 1717816745971:  ping
WS: 长连接接收消息:  pong
WS:心跳正常 1717816746612
2024-06-08T03:19:06.617Z [INFO] start getHaDeviceList()
2024-06-08T03:20:52.369Z [WARN] Could not connect to HA-WS, please restart addon
2024-06-08T03:20:52.372Z [INFO] HA-WS heart beat result: -1
2024-06-08T03:20:52.387Z [WARN] Please check HA running state
WS: 长连接发送消息 1717816877114:  ping
WS: 长连接接收消息:  pong
WS:心跳正常 1717816877700
2024-06-08T03:22:52.381Z [WARN] Could not connect to HA-WS, please restart addon
2024-06-08T03:22:52.383Z [INFO] HA-WS heart beat result: -1
2024-06-08T03:22:52.399Z [WARN] Please check HA running state
2024-06-08T03:23:12.750Z [WARN] Update device state to HA error, entityId: switch.1002076045_1, data: {"entity_id":"switch.1002076045_1","state":"off","attributes":{"restored":false,"supported_features":0,"friendly_name":"Swimming pool-Filter pump","state":"off"}}

I think I need to abandon ewelink and start my implementation all over again. It is beyond my competence to start learning chinese!!!

I would uninstall the addon, then reboot just not a HA restart to clear everything out, then reinstall the addon, then update to 1.4.3.

Then reboot again, go into ewelink, it may take a couple of tries for it to start up, you may even have to logout and re-login in the addon.

Hi Lordwizzard, Thanks.
I have given up on trying to get this ewelink device working again.
Too many mysteries for me!
I have decided to use an ESP8266, flash it with Tasmota and configure it from HA.
I am well down that path but have a problem which I will post in a separate thread.