Ewelink Zigbee RF 2CH Relay module working with ZHA

Just to report: I can confirm Ewelink 2 channel Zigbee and RF relay module is working with ZHA.
It is not confirmed as working on blakadder.com yet, I already tweeted to Blakadder couple days ago, but till he puts it on the list people searching for confirmation can see it here.

Relay module adds easy to ZHA when in pairing mode, this is the module:

This is how it shows in HA:

I got it from Amazon.de here:

It is also available on Aliexpress.com with a RF remote and case:

Here a review on Youtube:

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Guess that it uses PTVO based firmware?


Picture of 1-relay and 2-relays models at least look to read “SM-015 V1.0” which I guess is CC2530 Zigbee module from Coolkit?



FYI, they also have a 4-relays model that says it supports “Zigbee 3.0” so strange if it is based on CC2530 or CC2631 as it don’t officially support Zigbee 3.0?


Picture of Zigbee module looks to read 4-relay model “ZS3L”, if so that is a known Tuya development module based on EFR32MG21?



These where also discussed with ZHA / zigpy developers here:


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I was just wondering whether you can control things like “inching” and “interlock” modes from within Home Assistant?

I was looking at getting the 4 channel equivalent to use for dry contacts on a roller shutter remote.


I don’t think so, maybe through “Manage Clusters” but I am not sure how.
Maybe you could make a automation to limit the time?