Example for CC2530 ZigBee

Hi, does anyone have practical code examples for ZigBee CC2530 and libraries for Keil or IAR for 8051. I have a hard time finding examples for this chip. examples in the further development of my graduate project would mean a lot to me. To see an example and understand how to use it in my project

Thanks a lot, all the best.

TI’s site is not really well organised to find everything from the product page, but:

  1. See the product page - you’ll find a link to the forum entry listing the changes you have to make to the latest ZStack;
  2. Get the latest (and last) firmware from TI’s Z-STACK page. The popup shows that this is compatible with CC2530, so I think this is the latest one (I am not downloading it again…). There are examples in there (but they are not “production” ready as they are not compliant with all Zigbee requirements such as storing data in non-volatile memory) ;
  3. Check out the TI forum.
  4. There are several public projects:
  5. There is some kind of walk-through somewhere on TI’s web as well.

That should save you quite some time … .

Thanks a lot for the answer, it helped me a lot, but I can’t find two links from github, I don’t know why. This link is in question:

Usually I automatically add spaces after links, but this time I forgot so the forum then adds the ‘;’ to the link itself which makes it invalid.

I fixed my reply.

Thanks a lot, I didn’t notice that either.