Example integration to start developing

Hi everyone,

I’m an experienced developer but totally new to HomeAssistant development. So i’m asking which integration I can use as an example and as a basis for developing my own.

The goal is to integrate an air-conditioning system that uses an ASCII over TCP protocol. The protocol is an request-response kind of type but also has spontaneous indications.

I am looking for an integration that uses something similar that I can use as an example to get started.

And if it is possible that it is an integration that meets the standards of programming and the best possible quality scale.

Thank you very much,

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I have a similar background with you and i noticed that there is no perfect integration to take as a baseline as HA is constantly improving things, old integrations might not be using the latest guidance.

I am using this to generate project structure: GitHub - oncleben31/cookiecutter-homeassistant-custom-component: Cookiecutter template for Home Assistant custom component

And then jump between existing integrations at core to find out similar solution to mine.

Recently, i have worked on two type of integrations; cloud polling / cloud pushing and they need to be setup different way to manage events. In cloud polling, you will set up when to poll cloud endpoint for data so update sensors. In cloud pushing, events will arrive async and you have to respond them

Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

My latest very simple integration which follows latest data coordinator implementation; GitHub - fuatakgun/bwt_perla

Update: I have shared a summary here: Need some suggestions or ideas for a custom component - #7 by fuatakgun