Exceeded maximum monitored regions in App Event Log

The iOS app has an event Exceeded maximum monitored regions in the Event Log that frequently repeats, probably whenever a location update starts. Does this relate to the limit of 20 regions in the iOS region monitoring feature?

I am wondering if this event indicates that the app recognized it and is dealing with it, or if it means that the app could not deal with it and gave up?

Home Assistant Companion 2021.1 (5)
iOS 14.2
iPhone 11 Pro Max

Yes, that message is referring to the maximum number of monitored regions allowed by the system. The app will continue to work, and it prioritizes setting up regions for zones that are closer to your current location; whenever you change location, it’ll re-evaluate which are closest. You can tap into the event log for exceeding the count to see which zones it is not actively monitoring as a result of hitting the cap.