Exchange Calendar in HA

Hi HA Commuinty

I am having problems integrating my Exchange calendar into HA.

I have tried it according to the following instructions: GitHub - maxlaverse/home-assistant-exchange-calendar: Quick support for Exchange Calendar in Home Assistant

According to the description I have create inside “custom_components” the “exchange_calendar” folder

I copied the files inside this folder:

As requested I have edited the .yaml file:

When I check the configuration, I get the following error:

I am also a bit confused by all the directories. He wrote:

# Go into the Home Assistant's installation directory
cd /srv/homeassistant

# Enter the project's virtual environment
source bin/activate

# Install the exchangelib library
pip3 install exchangelib

# or eventually upgrade it if it's already present but in an older version.
pip3 install exchangelib --upgrade

But I have only the following folders:

Can somebody help me here? Or does anyone know another way to integrate his Exchange calendar into HA?

Thank you for the support

Best regards

Looks like an issue with the integration code that will need raising with the developer.

I use the office365 custom integration from HACs. Works well.

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Hi Mark

Thank you very much.

You mean this here?
GitHub - RogerSelwyn/O365-HomeAssistant: Office 365 integration for Home Assistant

Thanks and best regards

Yes. It is well maintained too.

Thank you very much for the hint :slight_smile: I could install it and it works :slight_smile: