Exciting Job Opportunity as Automation Technician

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Hello! We are looking for an Automation Technician to join our company. Are you interested in home automation, electronics and software? If so, this role may be ideal for you.

We need someone who has experience with home automation (specifically HomeAssistant) and solid engineering and problem solving skills. The role involves the design, testing and configuration of a range of automation products for controlling lighting, HVAC, environmental sensors etc. The role also provides the opportunity to work in an engineering team from a wide range of fields such as software, product design, industrial engineering and electronics.


  • Doing site specific configurations (home assistant/ yaml files)
  • Evaluating/testing hardware
  • Working on hardware revisions to our automation hub(compute module carrier board)
  • Evaluating and making recommendations for hardware/layout/configurations for sites
  • Overseeing the creation of technical documents(would not involve actually creating the documents apart from providing some of the technical content)
  • Working closely with electronic, software and product design engineers on new products
  • Technical support for installers and end users(for our commercial installs only, not the direct to consumer products)

Day to Day Tasks:

  • Design and setup of site configurations(lighting, sensors, etc.)
  • Configuration of automations
  • Testing and evaluating hardware
  • Participating in product design and planning
  • Occasional high level support for installers

Experience and Skills:

  • A good working knowledge and practical experience with Zigbee and Zwave
  • Experience with HomeAssistant
  • Experience with Raspberry Pi and/or other ARM based boards
  • Basic working knowledge of computer networking
  • Some knowledge and experience with Linux desired
  • Experience working closely with designers and engineers from a range of fields
  • Being handy with a soldering iron, building test circuits, displays etc. is desire

Description of Ideal Candidate:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (software, Comp. Sci., electronic or electrical) or extensive experience
  • Years of relevant experience in the Electrical industry with a background in commercialisation
  • Exceptional analytical and conceptual thinking skills
  • Excellent planning, organizational, and time management skills
  • Experience in creating detailed reports and giving presentations

Work Location and Schedule:
Cremorne, Melbourne

Interested and qualified applicants may send a copy of their CVs to [email protected].

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