Exclude device from setting user's state

Hello guys!

I’m using both an iPhone and an iPad with the HA iOS app. On both devices I’m logged in as the same user “myUsername”. While I take my iPhone with me when I’m off to work, my iPad stays at home. Last is responsible for my status “at_home” even when I’m at work. How can I prevent this? Can I simply exclude my iPad from changing my user’s state or do I need to create a different user for my iPad?

Thanks in advance!

I have different users for each device.
I see no reason to make it harder than that.

I have the same user on an iPad and an iPhone. Only my iPhone is used for presence detection (home zone events). I don’t use the person integration.

I had a look at the configuration / people menu. Looks like you can pick devices to track for each person.

I found the mentioned option - thank you for the quick reply!

@tom_l Is it even possible to set a user’s state to “at_work” to specify the default state “not_home”?

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