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Exclude specific HomeKit devices from HomeKit Controller?


I would like to start using:

  - homekit

But I don’t want ALL of my HomeKit devices in HA; only a select few. Is there any exclude or include functionality?


In the documentation… you can filter the entities; I white-list (e.g. include) mine. For example, the below configuration will ONLY expose the entities listed to the Home.app:


      - remote.harmony_hub
      - cover.garage_door
      - climate.thermostat
      - light.kitchen_lights
      - light.hallway_light
      - light.bathroom_light
      - light.dining_table

Homekit Component


Thanks, but I was actually referring to the HomeKit Controller, not the HomeKit Component. Sorry if I wasn’t clear!


I would assume you just don’t add them; why wouldn’t you want all of them in HA though? For me it was all or nothing, just due to the sheer power HA has to customize the components and then re-expose them back across to the Home.app…


I see what you’re saying. I have an Apple home, and started out with a ton of HomeKit devices and automations. I only recently discovered HA. I have a feeling I will end up switching to a configuration where all or most devices are HA and HomeKit is just an iPhone/Siri front end. I’m just not ready to make that switch yet.


Yeah, I’m (was) in the same boat. Loaded up on HomeKit capable devices thinking that was the end all be all. I hit a ceiling of what Home.app (and Homebridge) was capable of and stumbled onto Home Assistant. I ported a few devices to HA and probably by the next weekend I was sold and jumped right into the deep end with everything. The fact you can expose the devices back to Home.app just like they never left meant it was a no brainer for me, best of both worlds. Good luck sir!

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I ran into this same issue recently seting up HomeKit Controller.

If you look at the code you can see that it is hard coded to ignore some devices

I was able to manually add the devices I didn’t want found, but that isn’t ideal. If I can ever get some free time I might try to write up a change and pull request that makes this a variable.

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I’d like this functionality too, I have one smart plug outside of hass to be able to remotely reboot the Pi hass is running on, but the configurator keeps popping up asking me about this plug.