Excluding light entities from automatic group.all_lights

Is there any way to exclude specific entities from the automatically generated group.all_lights group?

I recently installed some ZigBee GE switches to control bathroom vents and would rather not have these included in the all_lights group since turning on and off All Lights probably shouldn’t also turn on my bathroom exhaust vents.

I have a similar issue with group.all_switches where I have a few switch entities e.g. a siren that are automatically included in that group that I would rather not enable or disable whenever switching that group.

I would hope that something in customize.yaml for the built in automatically generated groups like exclude_entites in homekit and cloud platforms would do the trick, but I haven’t seen anything like that in my searching for an answer to this problem and am hesitant to try it out without some confirmation that it would work.

Thank you in advance.

As far as I know, there’s no control over the contents of automatically-generated groups.

In your case, just avoid using group.all_lights and group.all_switches and create your own groups containing only the entities you want.


Thank you. I wish there were another solution that didn’t involve manually created groups but this one is simple and straight forward.