Excluding Tradfri from Homekit

Hi everyone,

I’m currently in the process of adding all my various smart home devices into HA, but I have run into an issue which I have got completely stuck on.

I have a lot of different integrations which i am then using homekit component to pass into homekit.

Tradfri is currently integrated into homekit directly. The issue i have is that I want to use my tradfri devices in HA for Automations, so i setup tradfri integration in HA. I then obviously don’t want the tradfri devices to then be duplicated in homekit via the homekit component.

I have read about using filters on homekit to exclude domains etc however I cannot work out how to make the component to block all the tradfri devices and nothing else.

I don’t have the option to leave tradfri running only through HA as I have over 100 tradfri devices, bringing the total of entities to 185.

Can someone please tell me how to use the filter to exclude all tradfri devices?