Execute script from Harmony Remote

I’ve seen many examples on how to make a Harmony Hub send commands via a home assistant script (which I’m doing myself as well).

But I’d like to know if and how it is possible to reverse the flow:

  1. Hit a button on a Harmony remote (paired to Harmony hub)
  2. Intercept the particular button with my Harmony Hub and / or Home Assistant (not sure how and where)
  3. Instead of defining actions in Harmony hub crappy UI and only being limited by their supported devices kick of a script in home assistant that does magic! (the script might still call remote.send_command, but also other stuff)

Can this be done?

I think emulated hue might work. I’ve never tried it, but you might have to treat the scripts like a light and pair it with harmony. If i remember correctly, harmony can control zwave lights. If they can control gen 1 hue lights, you can use the emulated hue package and potentially control things in HA that way.

A long time ago…did you figured out how to do this ?

Emulated Roku will work. Integration emulated roku in home assistant. Create it as a device in the harmony remote. Then create scripts that run off the event’s coming from emulated roku.

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Thank you !

Now I can use my remote to control my air conditioner :partying_face: