Executing of Home Assistant too slow?

Hello Community,

To Home Assistant I am a newbie and I have installed HA without problems (I think) on a Raspberry Pi 5, 8GB.
I am playing around and all I have tried seems to work bassicaly.

But I feel like it’s a bit slow, eg. the livevideo from a Doorbird only shows a new image every 20s.
If I press the ‘Relais 1’ button it takes 2s until the relais is activated.
For a Nanoleaf it takes 1s until the light goes on.

Another example: the instalation of the ‘File editor’ takes 3 minutes and the starting 1 minute.

So my question: are this normal times for this actions or not and I have to find the problem ?


There are a lot of factors in how fast or slow your rPi is running HA. The rPi itself isn’t a particularly beefy processor, so that is part of it (when I moved to a virtual machine my HA felt like it was on a rocket comparatively) but there is also the database, what add-ons (especially any javascript components you have installed), how big your log file is, how big your database is, how many devices you have - the list goes on.

The two biggest things that always slowed me down were the database and log sizes.

If you start with video, you might try a beefier system. Disable your cameras, and you will see everything reacts more snappier.