Existing Alex-enabled devices: not much there

Hello everyone!

I’m new to HA. I have a Raspberry Pi 4 running HA and it’s all set up.

I have a ton of smart things in my home from over the years and very few of them show up after getting everything configured.

I’ve added HA Cloud, and unlike some YouTube videos I’ve seen, no speakers show up under the “Try Text to Speech” (just “Browser”).

I’ve added the Alexa skill for HA, got the iOS app configured, etc. It seems like I’ve done all the initial steps.

Most of my Alexa-enabled devices are configured through the Smart Life app and Wyze app. I added Wyze through HACS and can get to most of those but even that’s very limited to just bulbs and outlets.

I have 20+ Amazon Basics Alexa-enabled light switches installed in my home and none of those show up. Nothing in Smart Life shows up.

Maybe HA isn’t for me and my setup, or I have something misconfigured. I’ve Googled and watched a ton of videos and still feel lost.

Any advice of where I should look for answers? TIA :slight_smile:

Anyone have advice?

smart life devices are apparently tuya devices, so you can implement them through tuya or the custom local tuya.

As for amazon basics, this post on reddit might help.

The amazon alexa skill connection is so that you can get home assistant devices working in alexa, not the other way around.

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I have limited experience with this particular aspect of working with Alexa & HA, because I only have one device paired directly to Alexa (a plug that came as a “bonus” with the Alexa and “works exclusively with Alexa”) but my understanding is that, anything that is paired directly to Alexa isn’t exposed to anything external.

By using the Alexa Media Player custom component it is possible to control devices paired directly with Alexa using the custom command and/or routine features. With this standard setup Home Assistant is still completely naive in terms of the device’s state.

I was able to cobble together a combination of a Template light, some scripts, and a routine to give HA some awareness of the smartplug’s state (though delayed)… but I wouldn’t want do it for that many switches.

Thank you! I followed the instructions at Tuya - Home Assistant and was able to get my Smart Life devices into HA. Now back onto trying to figure out the Amazon Basics smart switches… that one seems to be the difficult one.

Unfortunately I don’t think it’ll be an easy path. Amazon doesn’t make it easy to deal with their devices. They want you in their ecosystem, not someone else’s.

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Yeeesh. I wish I knew this before I swapped out 20+ light switches in my home. Ugh. Makes HA rather useless if I can’t find a solution.

Do you think it’s possible to do something with routines? I’m able to add a routine to the Alexa app that can turn a switch on or off when a different switch is turned on or off. I’m new to HA so I don’t know what’s possible from a scripting standpoint…

I figured out the solution to adding my Amazon Basics smart light switches to HA based on this article:

It works great, except for the fact that the state of the switch isn’t synced with the switch. If I just use the HA app, the state reflects the on/off state of the light switch.

If, however, I use the physical light switch and change the state–it’s not reflected in the app.

Is there a way to keep them synced? I couldn’t find anything.