Exiting re-order made easier

First, THANK YOU for including re-order on OPTIONS. WOW, so much better. I love to organize my automations and scripts. Before, I had to do it in YAML. You guys are doing an excellent job at reducing the use for YAML editing. Home Assistance is getting close to being friendly for all users, like my father, lol.

A lot of times, when I select Re-order mode, the EXIT is at the top of the list. I wish it were on the side, floating like the Save button. My example, well, I am not a GUI graphics designer, lol. But if the buttons on the right, just above the floating SAVE button, three buttons float above it for the “When”, “What If”, and “Then Do” sections. It will naturally say “Re-order ‘When’” at first, when clicked on, it shows “Exit Re-order ‘When’” This way, I do not have to scroll up and down to exit a re-order if I have a long-complicated automation.

If this is implemented in 2024-03, I would suggest keeping the legacy way to allow for bug troubleshooting. Just a thought.
I do a lot of re-ordering and found that using the scroll mouse wheel is simply a problem when I have to scroll back down looking for the items I was working on.

Here is another suggestion that may be better.

It would be cool to see the six-dot button for re-order and the drop-down ellipses.
There you can remove the re-order selection from the dropdown, and it will all be ready to use easily.

Now, I can see why this may be a problem for mobile use. When scrolling on mobile phones, a user may unintentionally move an item. So, for mobile phones, use the legacy way. For computer browsers, this would be a nice feature.

You guys did it on the new release. NICE! Wow, so so so much much much better-uhhh!!!