Expand Android notifications


Is there a way to have the Android notification automatically expanded when received?

When the notification comes in it looks like below. I have to press the down arrow to expand it.

When a notification is received, I’d like for it to already be expanded, like below. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this?

Hi, you can try the critical notification : Critical notifications | Home Assistant Companion Docs

    "message": "Camera snapshot",
    "title": "Move detected !",
    "data": {
        "image": "/media/local/{{ snap_name }}.jpg",
        "clickAction": "/lovelace-mobile/securite",
        "ttl": 0,
        "priority": "high"

Works for me, but only if this is the only notification… Not sure there is any other way.

Edit : this a json example I use in nodered !

Thank you for the suggestion. I did have priority set to high already.
At your suggestion I added in ttl 0 but it didn’t seem to have any effect, the notification is still collapsed.

I am also using node-red. Here is my notification

    "title": "Garage Door Open",
    "message": "The garage door is open.",
    "data": {
        "priority": "high",
        "ttl": 0,
        "tag": "garage",
        "image": "removedurl/local/garage_pic.jpg",
        "notification_icon": "mdi:garage-alert",
        "actions": [
                "action": "garage",
                "title": "Close Garage Door"

Could also depend on Android manufacturer customisation maybe ? As said, for me works ONLY if this is the only notification…

Yeah it could be, I’m using a Samsung Galaxy s9+. I’ve checked around the notification settings but haven’t found anything.
I did also make sure this was the only notification at the time.

Oneplus 6t here. And just been testing around. Even without ttl and high priority, it is expanded if this is the only notification… :crazy_face:

Baahhh, ok must be the device then. Thanks for your help.

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What you are seeing is the behavior of the launcher on the device. Some launchers offer a setting to allow all notifications to be expanded. It is also standard behavior to show the first notification expanded and not the others. You can try looking at other launchers in the play store to find one that has this particular setting.

Thank you for responding, I was hoping you would chime in. I will start looking into launchers now. Do you by chance have any recommendations?

have you found a solution yet? I am using S22 Ultra and also cant get the full notification to show. Have to swipe again to show the actionable buttons.

I have enabled detailed view in the notifications settings but still have the same issue.

Unfortunately I haven’t yet. I’ve also been preoccupied with a new born and moving so I haven’t found the time to look into the various launcher apps the play store has to offer.