Expand Switch_As_X to include Matter Light Switches

Unlike Z-wave, Zigbee, etc., in Matter, when a simple binary (on/off) Matter wall switch is added to Home Assistant, it is always added as a “light” domain type. As a consequence, if you use one of these switches to control a device other than a light, you can’t use the Switch_As_X integration to change the domain to a Fan (my particular use case) or other appropriate type. It would be nice if the Switch_As_X integration could be expanded to allow Matter On/Off wall switches to also be shown as another domain type.

Or better yet, fix the matter inclusion of switches to not automatically assign them to lights.

There are a number of integrations to address these kind of issues… in case the powers that be decide the way Matter does things is fine.

Template Switch
Template Fan

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Most wall switches identify themselves as Matter type 0x0100 which is an “On/Off Light”, so its correct for HomeAssistant to treat them as lights. Perhaps it would be better if they identified themselves as “On/Off Plug-in Unit” (Matter type 0x010A), but that’s not what the vendor chose, and thus the request to also handle “light” type devices using Switch_As_X

Yes, I went the template route to solve the issue, but Switch_As_X would have been much simpler.