Expand the "Person" customisation options with user-defined "Characteristics"

Changing the core to allow for adding various “characteristic” entries for people in the home as a base feature. Currently the core only allows for selecting tracking entities, my suggestion would allow to enable the following “Characteristics” (as examples), and other “Characteristics” as defined by the user, or other integrations/addons:

  1. Age/Birthday
  2. Gender/Pronouns
  3. Job Title
  4. Employer
  5. Household Relationships (spouse of, child of, etc)
  6. Etc

And then further allowing for user-defined field types/data.

To optionally be able to provide data to Assist and chat integrations (i.e. ChatGPT), providing information that allows for better personalisation that is directly linked to user entities, allowing for better automations based on this information, and allowing add-ons/integrations to define further “characteristics” for each user that can be pooled into that data set (i.e. for example, ownership, association, attribution, authorship, health data, etc).

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