Expander Card

Make this Card please thx, or someone fix it and put it on HACS.

You can already add it via HACS… it’s in the docs on the page you linked.

It looks like the original author has given up on it so you need to try and find someone with the skill to fix it. Perhaps a Discord server would be a better place to find someone.

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I totally agree that this card is a “must have” and should be maintained by someone or integrated/maintained by HA team please :pray:

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There is a new Fork, seems like he already fixed a couple of issues !

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Hi @boheme61

May I ask if you still use the yet another expander card from spencermamer? There is a more recent fork from clarinetJWD:

Since I also have problems with the original expander card from Alia5, I wanted to try an alternative. But I don’t know which one to choose?

Doesn’t matter, clarinetJWD is forked from spencermamer

@boheme61 Okay, maybe I didn’t understand correctly how the forks work. But the additions from clarinetJWD aren’t included in spencermarmer’s version, are they?

And allow me to ask a second question. Is there also a problem with these that as soon as a title card is configured, the UI editor constantly refreshes?

No, atleast not yet, maybe he spencermarmer didn’t had time or didn’t found all the changes appropriate or proper made

There are some “extra” feature and cosmetic changes in clarinet’s edition, read for your self if it something you will benefit from, or wait and see whether spencermarmer accept clarinet’s Pull-request, fully/partly

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Thanks for the clarification and the note about the compare function. I didn’t know that yet.

Can you say something else about the refreshing bug in the UI Editor? That would be my last question, I promise. :wink:

Might be so, i only noticed “something” i 2 cards(where i “hide” Cams i only need to monitor occasionally), however i never investigated it further, could be the cams don’t like to be there :slight_smile:
So thanks for the information :wink:
ahh wait, you say in UI editor , well there is something spooky ! very odd behavior, but i always edit in code-editor-mode instead
If that’s what he fixed , i definitely think spencermarmer should accept clarinet’s pull-request

@boheme61 I don’t know if clarinetJWD fixed this, it was my hope. But unfortunately when I now compare the versions on github, it doesn’t look like that to me as a layman.

It looks like all expander cards are affected by this error.

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Would you guys know why the expand arrow is blue with my iPhone? I’ve been using Home Assistant for years and this is the only card that’s ever done that. It’s white in my web browser like it’s supposed to be blue and iOS.

Card mod doesn’t seem to work or I can’t figure out how to target the chevron arrow to force it white

Any help would be appreciated

nope, dont have an iphone and never will :wink:


It actually turns out the iPhone isn’t the problem. I did more card mod stuff and I’ve never seen this before. When I’m on the edit screen, literally type in the code the color changes the way I want. But when I hit save on the main screen where the card is visible as an update on any browser or my phone. I’ve been using Home Assistant for years and this is the only card that’s ever done this.

Yes, I’ve cleared the cache

That’s the case for me too and I haven’t found a solution for it yet.

The Title Card also has a problem with card mod. For example, if you hide border and box shadow with card mod, then that works too. But when I edit the entire expander card again, the entire card mod settings for title card are gone and I have to reset them.

I’m starting to think I need to look for an alternative to the expander card.

If you haven’t changed from ALI’s Expander, that would be your first move ;), it is very unstable, and full of bugs, ! ( spencermarmer fixed most of these )
PS: Im not saying you get use to the Very Odd behavior in UI-Mode, it’s damn annoying, so i just avoid it, and use code-mode

@alexsaas Card-mod works fine in spacemarmer’s edition, for me, even colors/margins for the various elements , in both title-card (and other cards as "title-card:) Aswell for the Expander Cards it self
But you should ask these questions in some of the huge Card-Mod Topics

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@boheme61 Thanks for the tip! Then I’d better give the yet another expander card a chance. :wink:

Wait, do I have to do something different to get the Spencer version?

How do I get that version? Is it a different repository? It looked like the same link to me.

And also, if it’s not too much trouble, if card_mod is working for you, can you please tell me how to get the little chevron arrow to change color?

You click on the link, and then you read what it says, there are even links to other repositories/forks , and other valuable information ( Such as howto install it ) , othevice read Alia’s

It might look the same, but it’s different “Owner” ! ( For same reasons it’s doesn’t say that it is Alia5’s repository )

You go to HACS and paste in the Url, which ever you want

Most likely every repository have the information on how to install