Expected Behavior? Zone not updated despite WIFI connected at home?

I noticed that in the android companion app there is a selection for “home” wifi and I have this set. In home assistant I can see the state of my device wifi connection updated the moment my phone connects to my home wifi. The problem is that my location zone is not updated at this time, it seems to be updated maybe 10 minutes later via the GPS sensor. Is the app not smart enough to know that if you’re connected to home wifi that your location zone should be updated to “home”?

EDIT I should say this is with no other device trackers, simply just the companion app only.

the device trackers uses googles location service and its entirely dependent on the data we receive from google make sure to check the following as well Troubleshooting | Home Assistant Companion Docs as you may have missed some settings

You could just make an automation do that.
Just set the state to home, device_tracker.see set gps coordinates.
Or possibly try and request a high accuracy position via a notification and it’s done automatically if it works.