Experience with using an old iPad for HA dashboard?

Hi, I am considering to use an old iPad (2nd gen) to show my HA dashboard permanently in living room. I want to keep it simple: just showing date/time (with big font), weather forecast, CO2 value and energy consumption.

Has someone done something similar? Would you please share your experience?

Thanks in advance for any hint.

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A gen2 iPad will not be able to display Lovelace. You may be able to use one of the third party dashboard options that work with older iOS versions.

I found an iphone 3g and an iphone 3gs in my drawers and tried something similar like you: a small display for one sensor value. Everything i tried didnt work: lovelace, home panel, i even tried writing my own website and had no success. The supported javascript version from the browser is simply to old. And theres no way installing a new browser or a ha ccompatoble app, because the devices are simply to old.

I have tried the HA app, which didn’t work. Then I tried to access HA using a browser on iPad: tried Safari, Chrome, MS Edge. They all crashed if the dashboard has more than a few widgets.

Then I limited the dashboard to show only date/time. It works, but the font are tiny. I tried to increase the font using card-mode.js, which works for browsers on my imac but seems to have no effect when viewing on iPad. Perhaps problem with the browsers on iPad.