Experiences with bus or wired home automation system

Hi All,

Are there people that are using wired system/devices in combination with HA?

Are there for example people that have an ethernet based system, or CAN? KNX maybe (little bit expensive in my opinion)

I’m looking into ethernet based solutions. But wifi is more widespread.

I’m curious to people with experiences with such a system.

Thank you


Well, according to Home Assistant Analytics there are currently 490 people using KNX with HA. I’m one of them (or 2 maybe, not sure if my dev environment reports there too :rofl:) and until now very happy with my choice for the last ~4 years.
Not sure if I second your opinion on its expensiveness - it is a quite big initial invest but then you can add good quality devices for moderate money. It heavily depends on the size and features of the desired installation.

Forget it if you are not building new or completely renovating your electrical installation.


Thanks for your insight.

Will look into the investment of KNX for the future.

Wondering why there aren’t more PoE ethernet devices or something like that :stuck_out_tongue: