Explain Alexa intents and how to activate them

I have the Alexa skill enabled on 443 and it’s working fine. Saw some things about intents that look like you could alter how Alexa responds to things or maybe make her respond to things that it normally can’t? Not sure but I’ve tried a couple things and it doesn’t do anything so do this:

Added to configuration.yaml: intent_script: !include intent_script.yaml

Tried adding this to the intent_script.yaml file:

      type: plaintext
      text: >
        {%- if is_state('group.sue', 'home') and
                 is_state('group.john', 'home') -%}
            You are both home, you silly
          {%- else -%}
            Sue is at {{ states("device_tracker.siphone").replace('_', ' ')}}
            and John is at {{ states("device_tracker.jiphone").replace('_', ' ')}}
          {% endif %}

  GetTemperature:  # Intent type
      text: It is like {{ states.weather.home.attributes.temperature }} degrees outside right now
      service: notify.notify
        message: Hello from an intent!

I get no errors, but oddly one of the two ecobee integration shows grayed out and says Unavailable. No errors in the log file. For reference ecobee has a direct interface and a Homekit version. I haven’t dug into it enough to see which but if I remove the intent reference in configuration.yaml it comes back. Appreciate any help understanding this better and how to implement. Not sure if I have to do something different with the smart skill or what to enable it or have you.