Export Dashboards

I think it would be cool if anyone can export there own dashboard trough the UI and upload them (e.g. to Codeberg) so other users can download them and import the dashboard.

When you are editing a dashboard you can click the three dots in the upper right corner and start the raw configuration editor.
This is a complete list of all of your tabs in the dashboard.

I am not sure how much good it will be to others though, since the typical HA setup consist of an unique selection of devices with a unique set of named entities, so it will require lots of editing and adaption to copy a dashboard to another user’s HA installation.

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Yeah, I did this. But then, because my dashboard is really complicated, it’s to hard to import it. I mean: You don’t want to fill in like 200 entitys or something like that.

It would be no different to download it from coseberg or GitHub or whatever service you choose to store the dashboard code on.
Dashboards are complicated and unique, so no idea in trying to export or import them.
They can be used as inspiration and single cards might be exported and imported with little editing, but other than that is is utopia.

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I have done complete projects where users likely build as I did l. Using same sensor names and such like a recent one I did for a Pokémon dashboard.

I post all in Git with instructions.

Even then it is up to the users to load any custom Lovelace items like auto-entities, mushroom and many others.