Export ITC-308 Current Temperature as JSON to URL

Hi all.

I’m currently trying to make better use of my InkBird ITC-308 WiFi.

My goal is for my Brewing app “Brewfather” to import a JSON File with the current temperature of the ITC-308 every 15 minutes.

Steps Done:
Installed Home Assistant with Docker on a Windows machine running Docker for Windows.
The setup seems to work as intended, as i can reach the site fine.
I’ve also successfully added the ITC-308 to Tuya, and in turn added it to Home Assistant with no issues so far.

Last obstacle to overcome now is export the current state of the ITC-308 as JSON every 15 minutes to a set URL.

I’d love some assistance with this last problem if anyone could :slight_smile:


It might be helpful if you could share what the entity looks like that represents the ITC-308. (E.g., what does it look like – entity ID, state & attributes – on the STATES tab of the Developer Tools page.)

For sending the data check out the RESTful Command. Also you’d probably use an automation with a time_pattern trigger set to trigger every 15 minutes that calls the rest_command entity.

This the the STATES tab of the dev tools page:

  - 'off'
min_temp: -400
max_temp: 2120
target_temp_step: 0.5
current_temperature: 201
temperature: 210
friendly_name: ITC-308 - Gjærskap
supported_features: 1

Somehow the temp is multiplied by ten.
Will look into the RESTful command to see if i can build something :slight_smile:

Hi Romfrosk,
Old topic (I know) but I was wondering if you were able to pull this info from the Inkbird 308 and feed it into Brewfather?
I would also like to do the same as what you were looking at doing… I’m new here and never run home assistant.